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Course: TSE
Name: Daniel Mittiga

The most enjoyable aspect of the course was by far the interactive learning environment. The institution based (classroom) sessions were informative and Ross Moyle made learning interesting and enjoyable. Combined with the online assignments/assessments which can be completed in your own pace, made the course perfect for busy employees. The hilarious other students within the class was a bonus! I have as yet to finalise quantitative results achieved with my work specific to that I have learnt in the course, however my sales HAVE increased and continue to do so using the information I have learnt throughout the course. At last count, I have roughly increased my sales by 10%. Since the beginning of the course in February, I have achieved all of my win/win goals and also have learnt to focus on achieving goals not only in business, but personal life. Realising the importance of having a good work/life balance was a lesson learnt but not practised until commencing the sales edge. Achievements and accomplishments were not strictly orientated around work, but my personal life also. Overall, the course can easily be summed up through this simple overview: Having completed the sales edge, my productivity and profitability has increased. Furthermore, the lessons learnt have had a positive outcome not only within my workplace but at home and I realise that what I have been taught can be used in all of life’s challenges. It was only the other day in which I was explaining to a friend the importance of setting and achieving your goals – a lesson learnt throughout the sales edge. Only last week I was asked my a fellow worker to help them develop a sales pitch/ phone script. How easy it was to pull out my folder, go to the relevant module and pass on my notes and highlighted information.

Course: TSE
Name: Sally Ann Kite

I feel I have had some great wins over my duration in the course, through great facilitation/coaching and reference to the LMA Materials, I was equipped with the confidence and tools to further my career in Sales. Our group has been great with diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience within sales, we all helped each other through the journey with positive feedback and constructive criticism. Peter has been a fantastic facilitator, his wealth of knowledge is invaluable and attending the fortnightly sessions has taught me a lot, things I will take with me for a long time and apply to my career and my personal life! Thanks LMA highly valuable program