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Course: COL
Name: Shayne Bryant

I have had Vali as my facilitator twice now and she is absolutely terrific at what she does a real joy to attend the courses, as always I got the most benefit from the open communication during team discussions, and interactions and it is fantastic that is encouraged,

Course: HPM
Name: Matthew Lishman

The most successful outcome was definitely the change project with my team. We were able to make savings and also make the job we were doing a lot easier. But more so than that it made us work together as a team

Course: TPE
Name: Peter Bryant

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and don’t think that’s there was one module that’s was not helpful or relevant, I think the most enjoyable aspects were learning all the ways there are to manage people wether it be delegating tasks or training or other, it was very interesting to come to the understanding of diversity in todays workplace and just how important it is to understand other staffs mentality, people want to feel that they are an important part of the team and that they are secure in their job and this course teaches how to identify with that along with many more critical points. I achieved every goal that I set both within this course and outside of it and believe that with following the formula of smart goal setting I will be able to achieve just about anything that I set out to do. I am now able to assert myself as a manager and have grown the confidence within myself to make decisions and now I believe that I have a career not just a job, I would recommend this course to anyone.