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Course: TPE
Name: Anthony Field

I thoroughly enjoyed our weekly sessions and the opportunity to not only get direction from Simon, our facilitator, but also to discuss the ideas of that module with other participants and be able to learn from their experience in their own businesses. I found the framework used by this course for setting goals and defining the action steps required to complete those goals to be extremely beneficial to me. In that past, I was the sort of person who was great at setting goals but never really knew how I was going to get from Point A to Point B so my goals were really just dreams. I particularly enjoyed the more ‘meatier’ modules of the course (e.g. Module 4 on Communication and Module 7 on Empowerment). I think there was a heap of content in these two modules which would take quite a while (certainly longer than 1 week) to explore properly but they certainly got the ideas machine flowing! This course helped me make better use of my time and ensure that I was working on the tasks that were critical for me to complete and not working on tasks that I could/should be delegating to other people. I also used the lessons learnt in this course to implement numerous changes to the working environment in my company and particularly to my style of leadership which seems to have had a very positive effect on the overall morale of my team.