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Course: TSE
Name: Kelli Sadler

I must admit to be a bit sceptical about the course and what I would get out of it. Not enough for me not to invest in the course because I knew I needed to update my skills, more about what I learn. Turns out, I had a lot to learn. Not only learn but to face some pretty hard facts about where I was at, financially and in my business. By not having firm, clear goals about where I wanted my business to be and by not having the buy-in from my business partner, things were more grim than I was really ready to see. But during the course I learned that I have some good skills in sales but there were other aspects about the sales process and the business that were lacking and impacting on the business. With the support of my LMA coach and my mentor I was able to get a very clear picture of where the business was at, know that I needed to make changes and be able to see and accept the opportunities when they were presented. So what does that mean in dollar terms – I made a $5,000 money investment, a 30 odd week time investment to find out I need to make $72,000 in a year. During the course I have the potential now to earn $87,000, have better time management, be able to be more strategic about the opportunities I accept and all because Rod told me that it doesn’t matter what the path to the goals looks like as long as the goals are clear. And now I believe him.