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Course: SSTLS
Name: Greg Johns

I went from dreading each fortnight to not being able to miss a minute. Not being a goal identifier/setter I have surprised myself by my accomplishments during this time. My greatest accomplishment I scribbled in pencil during a class and unconsciously achieved above expectation. That was ‘to increase my worth to the company so that I can reduce my hours without significantly reducing my income”

Course: SSTLS
Name: Steven Hill

The most enjoyable part of the course has been setting up & completing some of my win-win goals. Was able to accomplish in cutting my hours of work back per week & still achieve just as much if not more work. This was not just benefit to me but also my team members in that I was less stressed at work

Course: TSE
Name: James Eckersley

I have taken a lot from the course that I will be continuing to use and utilise further, especially some of the tools that we covered. I now prioritise my day/workload in order of importance and continue to stay focused on my target market. I am continually research new prospects and found module 11 and 13 most relevant to me.