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Course: COL
Name: Shalla Thomas

Challenges of Leadership Course was exactly the course content I needed to be an inspirational leader of a great team, who deserve the best, with excellent outcomes for our clients and the organisation. The tools are an excellent resource and I will certainly continue to use them, loved the Motivational Plans, Training and Development Plans, outlines for job descriptions and KPI’s, my team is well supported, trained and motivated. Certainly would not be without goal setting and focus goals, this is an excellent learning, keeps me on track and assists me in achieving all the projects important to me in my working and personal life. Identifying High Pay Off activities certainly impacts on excellent time management for all team members with opportunities for appropriate delegation of duties to skill match. I loved this course so much I have now commenced another LMA course, “The Sales Edge,” and know I, my team, and the organisation will benefit. It was a great year, working with an inspirational, challenging coach, and motivated class mates. Thanking you all for your encouragement, and inspiration toward a successful completion of a very relevant course, in a time of many changes, it was the most enjoyable learning curve.

Course: TSE
Name: Shalla Thomas

The Sales Edge was a very challenging course for me as I had never worked in a sales environment. I loved the challenge and I am able to transfer the skills learned to many aspects of my workplace. The Coach was very entertaining in the presentation of content, created many opportunities for participation in class discussion. Class participants were very engaged and generous in sharing their knowledge and new learning. My confidence in marketing the service has increased two fold, the learning and tools are very helpful in creating professional presentations. The level of engagement with clients and team members has gone to the next step and beyond, creating an even more meaningful workplace, a sense of making a greater difference in the lives of so many, with the increasing demand for the service.