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Course: COL
Name: Steve Harris

Since starting this course please find below a list of what I have achieved within my personal and business development. 1. I use a To Do List everyday. 2. I now conduct weekly Sales Meetings using the NEAT meeting planner. 3. I am aware of my HPA’s and try to concentrate on them. 4. My team now know there HPA’s and are encouraged to also concentrate more on them. 5. I created a handover document between the Sales Department and Operations Department. 6. My Workplace Project is a Customer Database which is a true Win/Win for Nilsen and our clients. 7. I have started to create a True Learning Environment in my team by coaching and mentoring them. 8. I have found out what motivates my team.

Course: HPM
Name: Steve Harris

The course was absolutely fantastic. The networking is great and so beneficial and I took many takeaways and learnings from each and everyone in the course. My confidence as a leader has grown. I no longer doubt myself as being too soft as I have learnt to become tougher in my management skills. I also realise that having empathy, great people skills, communication and trust are extremely important and are very good attributes. My last employer preferred to promote aggressive dictators as managers. The goals I achieved was to create a team environment that was the best as it was ever going to be with damaged goods. I also created a customer database to notify me 3 months prior to when their periodic testing & maintenance was due. This enabled me to contact them, let them know their HV testing is due, arrange a site visit, pre plan and prepare and it removes one less procedure the clients have to think about. My workplace change project is also an exciting project as it is a life manual. It is a live document which I can take wherever I am, it will always be a work in process and will enable me to look for the future, set smart goals professionally and personally, look for my strengths and be aware of areas that require development.