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Course: TSE
Name: Ross McLaren

I loved the diversity the group of people brought to the course. It reinforced the idea that everyone is different and their background and experiences bring something new and exciting to the table. Deb Hann is an inspirational facilitator with the way she has helped everyone in the course grow from day one till completion. The way she communicates and finds a connection with each participant is fantastic. I would love to have Deb involved in our business with some coaching or mentoring in the future. This course has provided the foundation that has underpinned my 6 years in sales. I have been a sales representative for 6 years however have never really understood the complete process. LMA has provided this framework for me. As far as measurable results it is hard to quantify. I now however know what activities create the best opportunity for great results and I have a sound understanding of my customer needs through understanding their communication styles. I have achieved probably the most important goal to me and that is the ability to formulate and deliver a sales presentation which covers Rapport, Discover, Solution and most importantly ACTION.