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Course: TPE
Name: Prabakaran Thillaiambalam

The most enjoyable part of the course was its practicality and how closely related it is to what we face in our daily life. I accomplished 4/5 of my goals, and was let down by my personal goal probably due to it not being practical enough to achieve. I also climbed up Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo in the midst of all of these, which is one of the hardest physical activities I have endured to date. All in all, this LMA course was an enjoyable, value adding and progressive course simplified and delivered well by our facilitator.

Course: TPE
Name: Pieter Ferreira

I liked the discussions. My inbox has improved remarkably. And while I still do, and will always, nurture procrastinationitis (it is a fundamental source of my creativity) I do now understand how to control it more. My problem with modern society is that they frown upon this as some source of evil, and while they may be right in some regard, I do remain of the conviction that it can be a powerful ally if used correctly. I think I’m using it better now.

Course: TPE
Name: Simon Arnold

This was an excellent (leadership) refresher course with some valuable new tools and templates, the real value of training will be realised as more of my companies senior leaders undergo training and we apply the techniques as a collective and cultural change in the way we perceive leadership.

Course: TPE
Name: Craig Scott

I was immediately aware that I had not been looking for opportunities in my work place to empower myself expecting other to simply do it for me – this course gave the confidence to what to achieve things and also how to plan and take the steps to achieve those goals. Also really like the idea you don’t have to have a title to be a leader – this gave me confidence to step up and be more prominent within the company and project as expected with my experience.

Course: TPE
Name: Paul Royans

I found I got the most value from the modules relating to communication and how teams work, this is the main reason why I signed on for the course. I feel that I now have a better insight when it comes to determining what someone is REALLY trying to say, rather than just listening to the words they are speaking. I have also realised the value of focussing on HPA’s and have made some good progress in this regard.