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Course: LMR
Name: Jason Tolley

The most enjoyable aspects of the course were the workshops with the other participants. We only had 6 people in our group but the diversity of perspective was really good. I have picked up several new ‘habits’ which is good- limiting email dominance of my day, structuring meetings better etc.

Course: TPE
Name: Lisa Wilson

Achieved 2 of my goals – the others are more long term . Still on track to achieving them !

Course: TPE
Name: Catherine Meech

It’s been a really useful tool to step back and look at how things could be done differently / better to focus on how things could /should be better. It’s been very good to look at how I am interacting with my colleagues and how I should be doing things better – I’m not allows getting it right, but I am aware of when I am getting it wrong. It’s also been a good tool as a family focus tool – discussions on family goal setting – short and long term goals.