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Course: HPM
Name: Clyde Kennedy

Awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses, putting into practice the learnings and seeing peers sit up and listen to my solid understanding of what it takes to inspirational. Mentoring my direct manager through this course has also empowered me as I know now how to communicate and motivate him when I see him getting bogged down. Gaining a greater sense of worth through respecting myself enough to prioritise my health and fitness to have a place in my daily routine, greater confidence and huge improvement in self esteem Patience with kids and focusing on being a better father and husband on the home front, leading by example in relation to being positive and supportive. This course has been life changing. I now feel empowered to work towards my life goals. Brand Clyde is shining bright.

Course: HPM
Name: Tony Shinkfield

The first half of the course was immediately beneficial to my time management and clarified my workload. No longer the white noise workday. Being goal oriented is essential, for the individual and their team members, and as per previous training, is has been exceptionally beneficial to be able to compartmentalise and label, the processes that I have outlined for goal success. I will continue to use many of the tools provided. Measurable, tangible results in this are difficult to quantify, except in that I now have a structured day, less interruptions. A productivity increase of 5-10% is my feeling of the improvement. My personal goals were very successful. This is due to actually structuring the goal (house renos) and treating the project like a project, not just a ‘suck and see how much it costs’ weekend adventure. Achieving business goals, again in an organised way, really assisted in clarifying the steps, and dividing the large goals up into a listed sequence, was the largest benefit I achieved. I work in large projects as part of my role, and essentially, the goal process that I use for business is simply a scaled down version of the Project Systems that we use on large projects.

Course: HPM
Name: Andrew Nourse

This will be the second diploma I have received of this number but it is the first one that has actually taught me to lead well and become an engaged employee. This course is a credit to it’s constructors, facilitators and coaches and will be strongly recommended as a mandatory part of our companies professional development

Course: HPM
Name: Jeffrey Pearson

I believe that the level of business maturity has increase in the central region for our company, I have noticed positive changes in both my other fellow peers whom attended the course and put this down to the content the LMA course has provided. We knew most of the content from previous learnings but failed to commit to using the tools, this course has given us all a booster shot to enable us to realise our full potential to move the business in the right direction and under the right leadership model. I enjoyed the diversity and honesty of the other fellow participants, I also enjoyed the teaching style that Jim delivered and a big thank you to the coaches for the support and mentoring to get across the line…. Thank You for the opportunity, friendship, encouragement and the commitment to ensure that we understood and received the messages and tools that will assist us to develop and fine tune our leadership skills and capabilities.

Course: TPE
Name: Barry Dwyer

Knowing that were others out there that were going through the same scenarios as me. I am now happily in my office which was my major goal. Better communication within team.