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Course: COL
Name: Leanne Coy

I found this course to be of great benefit to me, learning the value of my time and how to plan my time and be more productive on my HPA’s. It has been a challenge also to get the assignments done as I have done any formal training like written assignments in over 30years, but I think if they where not a bit of a challenge I would not have gained as much from them. It has also changed the way I communicate with my team and upper management for the better. I hope that some more of our team members get the chance to take part in this course in the future, as it can only be a plus for them and the team as a whole. I am thankful to my company for this opportunity and hope I can continue to improve and learn along with our team.

Course: COL
Name: Scott Reed

I believe I have made huge in roads in to dealing with people

Course: COL
Name: Phoebe Chandler

Interacting with people outside my organisation. Workplace project – achieving a project and making a presentation. Improving public speaking skills

Course: COL
Name: Malinda Bryce

I enjoyed learning about how to be a better manager/leader and have found that the way I conduct myself, work with my team, use my time, and many other skills have improved greatly.

Course: COL
Name: Rick Young

Enjoy reviewing HPA’s. Got a lot out of staff feedback suggestions.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Tamera Manthey

I probably enjoyed setting and achieving focus goals as much as my win win goals. This has also helped me achieve personal goals I may not have otherwise achieved so quickly. A great tool I will continue to use. The Win Win goals along with assignments have brought ideas to the front of mind and I believe this has helped with team leadership on my behalf. L/H meetings and ideas on agendas have all been because of this course I enjoy interaction with staff from other businesses, hearing their challenges and having their input was beneficial. Being able to be away from work and spend time with colleague outside of work was enjoyable. Most of the time spent in desk, doing same role. Nice to turn phone off but still be working and achieving for the company. I am appreciative of the time and money the company has spent to send me to the course and

Course: SSTLS
Name: Matthew Sharp

I achieved and learnt a lot about myself throughout my time in LMA. I learnt a significant amount on my HPAs and what things I can do to manage my time spent on these. I also discovered (although it wasn’t hard to find out) that perhaps sometimes socialising in the workplace really affects my productivity. This is an aspect of the way I operate which I hoping to improve. One thing that I first started doing in my workplace was writing out daily to do lists which vastly improved my time management and organisational skills. This is just one aspect of the LMA process that helped me. LMA also helped me with sorting out bills and payments in my personal life, something I always struggled with. The LMA course was fun and engaging as the facilitator I had was friendly, funny and made the lessons in class enjoyable and not seem as formal.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Anthony Low

Thanks to this course I am now a person who in my personal sets a lot of goals and accomplishes them. Before this course I was a big ideas guy with no follow through but that has changed now. My work productivity has improved immensely due to the skills and information I have learnt since the beginning of this course.