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Course: SSTLS
Name: Mark Jennings

it reaffirmed my previous training that I have had over the years about leadership styles and how to get the best out of someone that needs to be trained and coached and the rewards that come with it A lot of communication and feedback is also vital in leadership, particularly in management

Course: SSTLS
Name: Brian Sellers

The team building further knowledge of the Club. The need to delegate the small jobs. The staff have become more confident. The functions are very well organised. The functions are successful.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Rishabh Sharma

the best par of the course for me was better understanding of the goals and & setting goals apart from that I have learnt a lot during the process and where I developed win win goals about training front of house staff about menu knowledge and stetting goals like changing bar menu and changing ala carte menu also how to give feed back to my staff was very interesting for me as I always used to struggle and say wrong things at wrong time moreover on the whole I have gained better understanding of other mangers and there pressure which is why I avoid running to Stephen Diamond our General manager for each and every problem and try and take initiative to resolve the issue first hand and the best Advise from Mr. Gary Bettcher was to offer something to he members who come to club after hours which will keep them happy which I will always remember throughout my life.