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Course: HPM
Name: Jacqui Seccombe

For me it was being challenged to put knowledge into action. It was also about watching my staff develop by doing the program themselves. I now somehow feel more legitimate in my position. I have also gained a much stronger and clearer understanding of the difference between managing and leading. I think a major achievement is in the area of true delegation. My staff are stepping up to the mark in a much better way I am sure this is because they now know what is expected and also feel they have the authority to due the job.

Course: HPM
Name: Wendy Bones

I found the course very enjoyable benefiting from so many of the activities and course content. Personally I have seen an increase in my effectiveness as a Manager, especially in being able to identify HPA’s and manage my day around those. My focus has been fine tuned seeing benefits across every area of responsibility.

Course: TPE
Name: Suzanne Lee

I was happy to meet new people who were all very nice, happy go lucky people with good attitudes. I enjoyed the group activities & interaction with the other members of the group & having a different person to sit next to each week to get to know them on an individual level. I was able to see that the time I spent in some areas was unnecessary. I found that if I prioritised my time in certain areas like grouping things on certain days that I saved a great deal of time rather than doing them as they came in. Do it, delegate it or dump it is an effective way for me to work. I achieved many goals both in my workplace & in my personal life such as de-cluttering my office & creating colour coded folders for certain topics. Weekly Planner and notice board. I also suggested Employee of the Month to my Service Manager as well as Suggestion Box which are now in operation. Personally, I have gone back to Zumba classes & dance classes as well as going on regular walks AND boxing.

Course: TPE
Name: Robert Lees

I enjoyed the interaction between the participants. Listening to them and interacting during the course gave an incite into each other and how we handled different aspect of the challenges set during the course. It was reassuring to know that others had challenges as well as me. Identifying measurable results is where I have had difficulty and continue to do so. I appreciate the necessity of knowing what our HPA’s are and the need to focus on them, however, I personally, cannot put a monetary value on what I do. To be my own ‘time and motion’ observer challenges my entire work ethic. I believe that it is up to my employer to recognize and value my worth though the quality and quantity of my output. I have improved my work area, work without as much chaos (still room for improvement here), able to give greater focus to my recognized HPA’s, utilize my diary to greater effect and now delegate tasks to others where appropriate.

Course: TPE
Name: Amanda Channells

I am surprised that I felt comfortable in doing my presentation in front of the group who are practically strangers to me. I have always had a real problem with public speaking but did not even feel concerned or anxious. I believe that this was due to the confidence I have gained in my skills that I learned from this LMA course. I was quite proud of myself!