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Course: TPE
Name: Anthony Mithen

I really enjoyed the empowerment and delegation aspects of the course. The colours workshop also gave everyone a great insight into the fact that we are all very different and we need to style flex. Goal setting becoming a focus was also a big winner for us.

Course: TPE
Name: Robert Martin

It got everyone together in an informal environment and that seemed to get people communicating better who had previously not. By involving my team more in the decision making process their enthusiasm increased and as a result I think the gardens are looking better

Course: TPE
Name: Dean Harvey

I found the course very enjoyable and one in which I found had many benefits both personally and professionally. The ability to kick your mind into gear about different scenarios and focus on what you want to achieve was always a presence through out the course. Focusing on what is important, goal setting and planning I believe will help me throughout my career. Gary, you were great also…very informative, enthusiastic and easy to talk to thanks

Course: TPE
Name: Claire Brown

Achievement of win-win goals. I enjoyed the colours workshop and also the refocus workshop – specifically relevant to how our business functions at the moment.