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Course: COL
Name: Simon Halford

I found the achievements of set goals to be very rewarding and provide a great deal of personal satisfaction both at home and work. The coarse and work place project did place a level of stress on me and at times a was pushed into areas of new learning and at time uncomfortable, however it was pointed out early on in the coarse that this is to be expected and is a part of the learning process and should be valued.

Course: COL
Name: Joel Hedger

I found this course to be challenging and engaging. I have applied many new systems and processes from this course to my workplace. One of the best tools was the Change implementation planner. My staff received this very well and has created a positive attitude towards change in our workplace. Through completing my win-win goals I am using my time more effectively, delegating tasks with confidence, communicating in the workplace effectively.

Course: COL
Name: Mark Donnell

Enjoyed all aspects of the course, was great to be able to complete from public speaking too – as this is always an added skill as a leader. Having the support to grow and create my own personal brand as a leader throughout the course.