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Course: TPE
Name: Victoria Tester

This course gives you the tools to take conscious control over your future. It has forced me to confront the reality that I can take an ‘above the line’ approach to my life, both personally and in the work environment and that I am in control of where I’m heading. As every module gives you another idea on becoming a little more efficient and productive, all the minutes saved over the duration of the course results in ultimately hours being saved in your work week. The concepts of writing down goals and action steps and HPAs were the two things that were of most value that I have taken from the course. Particularly HPAs as it has given me permission to prioritise activities and to say no to those that are not my HPAs therefore resulting in a much more productive work day.

Course: TPE
Name: David Bromhead

The Performance Edge Course is a great concept because it focuses on you and your role in the workplace while mixing you with people from other industries in a workshop environment. This learning environment enables discussion of a wide variety of workplace and personal issues and the potential solutions that may be of benefit to you in your role. I have developed a new consciousness as a result of the course and now evaluate all situations on how they can be best handled. I will continue to use the skills and knowledge learnt in the achievement of my personal and career goals.