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Course: COL
Name: Peter Wright

I found the course to be an excellent journey for myself. I didn’t know too much about setting goals or how to achieve them, but after going through the course I can now set up action plans to make sure I achieve my goals. The other important factor was that seeing that although we had many different people and roles on the course, we all experienced the similar issues and pitfalls that required similar answers and action plans

Course: SSTLS
Name: Monica Berardini

I loved the course but in my circumstances I would have preferred to have gone on this journey when I actually had some free time. Although I am still in the midst of completing my assignments online I look forward to using these tools in the future with the teams that I lead. I have been able to use a few of the tools learnt to help my time management and also learnt new ways to look at communication between myself and other. Because of the time restriction for myself I will get my assignments completed for now but will use my cd’s and modules to go over in the near future now that I am finally getting on top of Managing my branch. Also, Clint is so lovely and I would like to thank him and all the staff at LMA they were all very supportive.