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Course: TPE
Name: Samuel Matthews

The course was really well set out and it allowed for a lot of self development because you were constantly given new things to think about and apply to improving your effectiveness. A shout course like 99% of typical management courses never allow for this scope of personal development. A must for anyone who wants to be an effective team member and leader.

Course: TPE
Name: Ingrid Sutherland

I have achieved a number of goals set throughout the course. LMA has helped me discovered an easier structure to apply to setting and achieving goals now and I just need to continue to use this structure and be better planned about how I will go about getting things done. I have had some success in delegating in my workplace, something I was not comfortable with in this environment before. I have improved my productivity and can demonstrate what I spend my time on now. I feel overall that this is enabling me to have better clarity of thought and management of workload.

Course: TPE
Name: Shona Strachan

It was great meeting people from so many different industries – the positivity from some people was infectious (particularly coming from an environment that is generally quite negative). Having more confidence when delegating (and learning how to improve my delegation skills!) has given me more time to focus on my HPAs – which ultimately benefits my organisation.