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Course: HPM
Name: Wayne North

* Engaging with and learning from other participants * Having some time to reflect, consider and evaluate what could be applied to our company * Accessing information, ideas and tools that can help to develop myself and my co-workers and our business * Improving my soft skills, listening fully to what others have to say * Being more inclusive with ideas and decision making * Planning, Goal setting and delegating responsibility to others * Setting-up a regular to do list * Implementing new Project Management software * Delegating creditor payment checking * Completing fork-lift barrier set-up * Setting-up racking for new lighting poles * Completing change project (great result for all involved – internal and external) * Re-arranging Bill of Material checking process * Re-writing Job Descriptions * Revising Vision Statement * Provision and set-up of dart-board for employees * Installing lights outside our garage and back door * Re-laying front lawn and re-planting of front garden * Installing new aluminium door from bedroom to balcony