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$900 + GST
Commencement DateTimeVenueCourse Modules
TBA 20192.5 hour sessionsAscot, Perth or
4  fortnightly workshops
$825 + GST
Commencement DateTimeVenueCourse Modules
TBA 20192.5 hour sessionsAscot, Perth or
4  fortnightly workshops
$462 + GST (Use Licensee discount code LIC122 to obtain a 5% discount)
Commencement DateTimeVenueCourse Modules
TBA 20198:00am – 12:00pmAscot, PerthHalf Day Course

Available for Open (Public) programming or In-House options.

The Performance Edge – TPE 
$3,750 pp GST free – Improving personal and team productivity and bottom line results 
(SOA towards Certificate IV in Leadership & Management BSB42015)
Commencement DateTimeVenueCourse Modules
Wed, 6th March 20192.00pm – 5.00pmAscot, Perth10 x weekly workshops
High Performance Management – HPM
$8,300 GST free – Developing strategy and the people to make it happen 
(Diploma of Leadership & Management BSB51918)
Commencement DateTimeVenueCourse Modules
Fri, 15th March 20198.00am – 12.00pmAscot, Perth19 x fortnightly workshops
Challenge of Leadership – COL
$5,950 pp GST free – Building organisational growth through leading high performance teams
(Certificate IV in Leadership & Management BSB42015)
Commencement DateTimeVenueCourse Modules
Tues, 26th March 20192.00pm – 5.00pmAscot, Perth19 x fortnightly workshops
Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors – SSTLS
$3,350 pp GST free – Helping first level leaders transition and developing leadership skills and habits
(Certificate III in Business BSB30115)
Commencement DateTimeVenueCourse Modules
Tues, 5th February 20192.00pm – 5.00pmAscot, Perth14 x fortnightly workshops
The Sales Edge – TSE
$5,700 pp GST free  – Increasing sales and market share
(Certificate IV in Business Sales BSB40615)
Commencement DateTimeVenueCourse Modules
TBA 20198:00am – 11:00amAscot, Perth18 x fortnightly workshops
Effective Team Development – ETD
$950 pp plus GST – Developing the potential of individuals and the whole team
Commencement DateTimeVenueCourse Modules
In-House (by request)2:30pm – 5:00pmLMA Ascot, or In-House4 x fortnightly workshops

Leadership Management Australia’s learning and development courses will improve your organisation’s productivity by developing your people, enabling them to be more effective and role focused with stronger communication skills and the capacity to positively  impact their workplace and personal lives.By developing an individual performance edge, they naturally become more effective managers and leaders, whether this is at team, personal, sales, management or leadership development level. As each course commences, focused goal activity, plus changes in habit and behaviour deliver short term results which set up long term patterns for permanent impact.

LMA’s leadership, productivity, sales, teamwork, management, performance and professional development courses deliver four key benefits for participants and their organisations:

  • Permanent change in attitudes and behaviours
  • Measurable results and outcomes
  • Identifiable return on investment
  • Consistent professional delivery throughout Australasia


The immediate flow-through effect on your entire organisation is difficult to overestimate. With higher morale, greater job satisfaction, increased productivity and stronger profitability, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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