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6 basic truths successful salespeople know

  1. Asking a prospect or customer to take action is the natural conclusion to an effective sales presentation. Closing isn’t a separate or isolated part of the sales process – closing is a series of small steps that occur throughout the entire presentation process.
  2. People don’t just buy based on logic or fact. They buy to gain a benefit or avoid a loss, or to gain or avoid a feeling. In other words they are motivated to take action because of an emotion; when salespeople create this emotion using sound and logical sales processes, asking for the order is easy.
  3. The buying decision is like a see-saw. As the salesperson progresses through the sales presentation, more and more benefits, and reasons to buy add weight to their side of the see-saw, tilting the balance in the salesperson’s favour. When sufficient evidence or weight has been built up the customer is ready to buy.
  4. On many occasions, prospects and existing customers will be ready to buy before the salesperson completes the presentation. They can, therefore, respond positively and give buying signals before the salesperson expects them to.
  5. At the end of every sales presentation there is likely to be speed bumps called stalls. These are caused by the natural hesitancy that prospects and customers have about making a ‘wrong’ decision. They need reassurance to get over the speed bumps before they proceed.
  6. A hard-sell approach, driven by salespeople only interested in getting sales at all costs, kills more sales then it closes. Prospects and customers know when the salesperson is focused on their own desires and needs rather than their customer’s needs.