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9 steps to goal setting

Goal setting is the most powerful action you can take to improve your personal productivity; it provides a sense of direction to keep you focussed on the most important activities.

Simply defined, Goal setting is the process of:

  1. Developing a mission statement for your life
  2. Writing specific goal(s) that support your mission
  3. Listing the benefits of achieving the goal
  4. Anticipating possible obstacles and solutions
  5. Writing detailed action steps and deadlines to achieve the goal
  6. Integrating action steps to your planning system
  7. Determining a method of tracking your progress
  8. Writing affirmations to support your belief in your ability to accomplish the goal
  9. Developing a visual representation that effectively reminds you of your goal

The sole purpose of the goal setting is to guide you on the entire journey from wish to fulfilment; it provides a sense of direction and serves as a filter to eliminate extraneous demands.