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Are you an effective delegator?

The most successful, powerful leaders in any organisation are those who surround themselves with competent people and learn to delegate to those people. This then allows them the freedom to focus on their job.

Use the following ideas to develop appropriate attitudes for effective delegation:

  • Flexibility – when you adopt a flexible, adaptive attitude to delegation it encourages others to take responsibility for thinking creatively and about how and why they follow certain procedures.
  • Self-confidence – one common reason leaders withhold authority and responsibility from other team members is the fear of being replaced or unneeded. Self-confidence gives you the freedom to share necessary information to empower others through delegation.
  • Focus on results – when you remember that 80% of the results you obtain are from 20% of the work, it is easier to accept less than perfection in some relatively unimportant areas.
  • Team commitment – teach others to make good decisions, involve team members in the process of decision making. Commit yourself to team empowerment and allow others to succeed and excel.

Effective delegation can be taught and learned, does yours need some work?