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How HR can help reassure employees in uncertain times

Employees are suffering greater job uncertainty and anxiety in an already difficult period due to lack of reassurance from employers, new research has shown, and HR professionals need to find ways to engage them with management in planning for their futures.

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Transforming News Corporation

On August 6, 7 and 8, LMA partnered with Think Perform and Amtil to host Transforming News Corporation.

The Australian icon, News Corporation Australia, along with newspapers the world over, has been faced with a rapidly changing dynamic – the emergence of highly competitive digital media and a generational shift. This is resulting in a fundamental shift in content consumption and a subsequent change in the revenue model.

News Corporation Australia accepted the challenge and responded with a committed program to transform their newspaper production in order to remain viable and relevant. A key leader in this major transformation process for over 1000 employees across nine sites nationally was the General Manager of National Operations for News Corporation Australia – Marcus Hooke.

Marcus Hooke presented at the breakfast seminars on  the strategies employed, his experiences, the highs, lows and the achievements of this major organisational transformation program with other senior executives.


From the Herald Sun newspaper, 7 August 2014

Speak up

The capacity of electronic communication to connect individuals with the rest of the world is coming at the expense of their fundamental ability to relate to people face to face.

The deterioration of the essential skill of speaking in public is stifling career progression and people’s ability to be better at their jobs.

Leadership Management Australasia executive chairman Grant Sexton says no matter what the job, improving their public speaking ability is one of the best ways individuals can improve their performance at work.

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