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The Award Winning Farley Group!

LMA Farley Group is very proud of their award and achievements in 2016, however, LMA-Farley Group could not have accomplished these results without their clients support.

LMA Farley Group would like to formally thank all of their long standing and ongoing clients, past & present Manager/Mentors, Participants, and Facilitators for their support in 2016. Your support has helped LMA-Farley Group be recognised & awarded Australian and New Zealand Licensee of the Year for 2016 at our recent LMA Annual Awards Ceremony in Melbourne.

As one of over 35 Licensees throughout Australia and New Zealand, Gavin Farley, Licensee & Managing Director of LMA Farley Group said that the award reinforced his team’s personal commitment to developing people.

“LMA Farley Group is committed to helping organisations to achieve greater results, profit and success. We work hard to ensure our clients we work with have the right people in the right roles, supported by the right goals and attitudes to achieve the desired results. Over our 21 years in the business, we have demonstrated consistently that we can achieve measurable results for our clients through our unique development process”

We are very thankful to all our participants, manger/mentors, facilitators, and team members for all their hard work in helping us to achieve such great results in 2016.

Following that great recognition, One of our valued team members, Ashleigh Nicholson was also recognised for her efforts within the LMA Farley Group team and was given an ‘Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2016.’
We could not be more proud of Ash Nicholson for her achievements throughout her career with LMA Farley Group. Ash has been with LMA Farley Group for 6 years and her efforts and hard work have earned her two consecutive ‘Excellence Awards for Outstanding Achievement’ in 2015 and 2016.

“I am so honoured and thankful for this acknowledgement. I could have not have achieved the results that I did without the team around me and my incredible clients. I’m so connected to the LMA product, process and everything we stand for and could not be prouder.”

Well done Ash! Here’s to more years of Outstanding Achievements!


For over 40 years, LMA have been delivering measurable results and a definitive Return on Investment for our tens of thousands of Participants and Manager Mentors. LMA’s range of management and leadership courses are specifically designed to assist people of every level in organisations to progress along their own professional pathway, confidently and productively.

Increased confidence, productivity, bottom line and improvement in key leadership qualities are just a few benefits that local Sydney businesses can realise from working with LMA Farley Group. Below are some testimonials written by our clients, Manager/Mentors & Participants of their amazing results through LMA.

“My overall impression of this course is positive. Like anything, you get out what you put in. What I have noticed is that this course is geared to self-reflection and what you are doing to adapt to change which supports you to become a high performance leader. From achieving the specific tasks outlined in my Win-Win agreement goals, the results include building a high performance team, building rapport and respect with our customers along with ensuring that we remain a strategic partner with them and for the growth of their business.” – Henri Le Comte, Supply Chain Manager-ANZ, Martin Brower

“The most significant behavioural/attitude changes I have made since completing the course is that I now understand the negative (fear-reinforcement or punishment) and positive (incentives – reward) methods of motivation which has allowed me to understand that no two people are motivated in exactly the same way. This has helped me to empower my team with specific responsibilities, resulting in trust and feeling of being valued. Since participating in this course, I have successfully improved my team’s growth and performance by recognising and applying the different behavioural styles and stages of development.” – Betty Stojanovska, National Customer Service Manager, Ardex Australia

“My Manager/Mentor completed a similar course 20 years ago and enrolled me into The Challenge Of Leadership course to fine tune my management skills with a view towards future career advancement. The course documents and solidify a really good range of the basics as well as providing tools to assess and put into place good management techniques processes that are the foundation of great project management.” – Terry Kuitert, Project Manager at Heyday Group.

Thank you everyone for their support in 2016 and Well done to everyone at LMA – Farley Group, I’m sure the 2017 year will only improve upon these well-earned results.