25 Traits of Successful Salespeople

What separates successful salespeople from everyone else? Is it their people skills? Their determination? Or is it a special combination of a range of skills and attitudes that allows some salespeople to rise above the rest?

A winning frame of mind, determination to get the very best result and a projection of self-belief to take on any situation are just some of the traits covered in this eBook.

The best salespeople will have a winning formula that will get them the outstanding results that separate them from the rest.

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Know your customer

Understanding the potential and value of your clients allows you to allocate a suitable amount of time to the ongoing relationship.

View LMA’s potential and value matrix to work out where your clients are positioned.

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The Sales Edge

In today’s competitive markets, it’s winning and retaining new business that makes the difference. So improve your sales and business development teams with LMA’s The Sales Edge training course (SIR30316 – Certificate III in Business to Business Sales) – and watch your sales and business development leaders become masters of the entire sales process as they learn new strategies and presentation skills.

Nationally Recognised TrainingThis sales training course gives your staff the skills to deliver with credibility, impact and confidence – and provides a proven approach that will significantly increase the amount of new business that you win. It turns good salespeople into great salespeople.

We have developed this course to apply to ALL levels of experience, so that participants from many areas of your business can develop their skills and attitudes to achieve valuable results.

This course is designed to assist sales professionals:

  • Increase their sales revenue
  • Increase their market share
  • Improve skills in generating leads and identifying new customers and market opportunities
  • Enhance their presentation skills
  • Improve effectiveness in handling objections and overcoming stalls
  • Increase their ability to develop successful on-going customer relationships
  • Improve their self-management to become highly productive sales professionals
  • Develop greater confidence and positive expectancy

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Upon successful completion of assessment activities Participants will receive SIR30316 Certificate III in Business to Business Sales

Expected course duration: 32 weeks to Graduation, Refocus session at 40 weeks
SIR30316 Status on National Register: Current

High Performance Management

LMA’s High Performance Management course (BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership & Management) presents leading edge management development techniques to develop and evolve managers’ skills.

Nationally Recognised TrainingManagers and leaders who understand how to create a high performance environment, leads to immediate, measurable change in your organisation. Participants of the Diploma of Leadership & Management course not only develop enhanced leadership, management and empowerment skills, they are able to more effectively develop those same skills in their direct reports. The end result is higher team performance and increased output leading to a more attractive bottom line.

Participants apply their new learning and a range of tools to manage more proficiently and achieve the following outcomes:

  • Maximise their own personal performance
  • Engage and develop their direct reports to guarantee immediate and beneficial change within their department
  • Learn how to turn problems and challenges into opportunities
  • Understand how to measure and monitor organisational and departmental performance
  • Initiate effective communication at all levels
  • Engage and empower people for increased results and performance
  • Develop the skills to successfully develop and manage talent
  • Develop high performance teams
  • Initiate and complete a significant workplace project as a part of the course
  • Learn to conduct effective performance reviews
  • Improve their ability to deal with conflict and have difficult conversations
  • Instigate effective succession planning

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Upon successful completion of assessment activities Participants will receive BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership & Management.

Expected course duration: 34 weeks to Graduation. Refocus Session at 42 weeks
BSB50420 Status on National Register: Current

The Performance Edge

The Performance Edge

The most effective and immediate way to improve the performance of your organisation is to increase the performance and productivity of your people; The Performance Edge course achieves this.
Nationally Recognised TrainingThe Performance Edge course is a personal development course that develops the ‘total person’ through our unique development process, achieving permanent behavioural change which dramatically improves all facets of participants’ lives, professionally as well as personally.

The Performance Edge course enables your employees who are already doing well, to do even better. They will see improvements in their own performance and their team’s performance in the following areas:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better time utilisation
  • Greater focus on High Payoff Activities and Priorities
  • Improved communication and relationships
  • Enhanced employee attitudes
  • More effective delegation processes
  • Greater empowerment within their teams
  • Improved overall team results

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Participants who opt in to the accredited version of the course and successfully complete all assessment activities will receive a Statement of Attainment for BSBPEF402 – Develop personal work priorities in partial completion of BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership & Management (additional fees apply for opt in units).

Expected course duration: 10 weeks to Graduation
BSB40520 Status on National Register: Current
BSBPEF402 Status on National Register: Current