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LMA and Think Perform help Kerfab transform the family-owned business

LMA and Think Perform helped transition Kerfab from a family-owned business, to a rapidly growing corporate powerhouse, focused on innovation.

Kerfab manufactures and distributes innovative machinery attachment solutions for the agricultural, civil & construction and waste & recycling materials handling industries.

The company engaged LMA and Think Perform to train its staff to rise to the challenges of remaining competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.


News Corp Australia

News Corporation Australia entered into a 24 month partnership with Leadership Management Australasia to develop over 300 supervisors and managers and over 800 operators, employed over 9 sites throughout the country.

Scott Rigney – Ikon Glass

Scott Rigney, Managing Director at Ikon Glass, explains how LMA courses enabled the participants to crystallise where they are going together as a team.

The LMA courses allowed the executive team to articulate their vision and expectations to the Senior Managers and Team Leaders, creating a unified and high performance team working towards the same goals.


Chris Phillips – Gladstone Regional Council

Chris Phillips from Gladstone Regional Council discusses partnering with LMA to deliver their Leadership Academy and the exceptional results that have resulted.

LMA courses were delivered as part of a new approach to leadership development, working across multiple industries and bringing together a diverse group of people, to provide a tangible return on investment for the whole community.

Samantha Brown – Fernair Distributors

Fernair Distributors enlisted the help of LMA during a rapid growth period to assist employees develop the skills required for their new roles.

Samantha Brown, Administration at Fernair discusses the positive effect that LMA has had on the workforce and the skills that have been developed and implemented in the workplace as a result of LMA courses.

Elaine Morley – G.J. Gardner Homes

Elaine Morley, FD for Rodney Residential Limited, Rodney Franchise for G.J. Gardner Homes, discusses how LMA’s courses complemented their employee development strategy.
She explains how each participant is challenged to achieve positive results through implementing new tools and ideas learnt in the course workshops. Hear how these results have improved employees’ professional and personal lives and the organisation’s bottom line.

Kim Plater – AAP Industries

Kim Plater, Sales Manager at AAP Industries explains why they chose LMA over other traditional training providers.
Furthermore, Kim will take you through how LMA’s unique development process positively affects both employees and the bottom line of his organisation.

David Burlew – Adeal

CEO of Adeal, David Burlew, discusses how the unique LMA approach was implemented to overcome a number of organisational challenges.
He describes how LMA held themselves accountable to each participant’s pre-determined measurable objectives, and how (as a senior manager) it is imperative to identify a tangible return on investment. Hear what advice David gives to other Australian business looking to achieve better results.