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Characteristics of great leaders

Characteristics of a great leader | LMA

The saying goes that “Great leaders are born, not made” and there is some truth to this.

Yet, while many great leaders and born great leaders, there are characteristics great leaders share that can be learned and practiced.

To be a great leader today, you need to be:

  • A good communicator and provide feedback
  • Honest, trustworthy, ethical and fair
  • Understanding and a good listener
  • Compassionate, empathic and caring
  • Knowledgeable, competent and able to multi-task

Sound like a big ask? Not really, it’s just what today’s employees expect – a good relationship with the boss is central to staying with an organisation and why the old adage “people go where they’re wanted but only stay where they’re appreciated” has never been more relevant.

Against each of the five important attributes of a leader, on a scale of 1-5, how do you rate yourself? Are you a great leader?

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From LMA’s L.E.AD. survey book “Today’s workplace – Present realities…Future realities”, 2013