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AFC GROUP VIC HPM Duncan Cavanough

The course was what i needed! Getting together with other people with similar challenges and sharing ideas every fortnight was one of the enjoyable parts of the course. This ‘brainstorming’and even role plays was most entertaining.|I have been managing people for a while but really did not have sufficient tools to do this job or the confidence to give them what they needed. Over the last few months I have worked closely with staff and not only rolled out some great initiatives, but have brought them together as a team. By being able to measure some department KPI’s we have been able to improve what we do and have some tangible data to create a road map about where we want to go. By being able to create this vision we have our roles all aligned and moving in the one direction, together.|Organising skills and getting ‘all my ducks in a row’ was a great achievement over the last few months. It shows that i can do more with a similar amount of time, and if i can run a department and complete over 100 assignments in 10 months i can organise myself to put other HPA’s on the table after LMA finishes.|This has also given me the confidence to pursue other activities or education.|Thank you to Olga for her guidance over the majority of the course material, she kept me on it the whole way.

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