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Without doubt this course has gone a long way to helping mebeing a better manager. I suppose I have always been considered a leader at Airmaster, being one of the 1st ever employed brings that title to light.||I do consider myself a leader and a good leader, but until completing this course I would question whether or not I was a good manager. ||Measurable results are reflected in my day to day duties, prior to this course I suppose the best way to describe my perfomance was “not a lot of method in what I do but I do get the job done” I mentione dthis to the Managing director one day and he agreed with the assesment. ||Now I am much more organised, I list my priorities daily before going home, I delegate, I take a much greater interest in those around me and I strive to do better. ||This course has taught me to be more organised, it has taught me tio be a better thinker (about myself and others), it has taught me to be bold in my decision making, I am a far more confident manager than I was 12 months ago.||I have mentioned at length during the last half of this course about just how tough it has been trying to run a projects department in a depressed market place, the competition for work is enormous in todays market. I can’t help but wonder just how I would have dealt with these issues withotu the benfit of the learnings from this course.||On a final note I would like thank Adrian for his teaching skills and patience with me when I fell so far behind in this course for various reasons. Your ability to make what appears to be very complicated on paper so easily understandable is a credit to you. As an orator and teacher you have no peers. Congratulations on a job well done.

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