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ANCA VIC HPM James Brotchie

I enjoyed the classes very much. Adrian was excellent at keeping the classes interesting and always had god information to share. All the participants had excellent input and I learnt just as much from them as I did from Adrian and the course material. |Starting each day with a plan was very powerful and I use technique every day.|Setting regular goals is also something I do. I also set daily tasks for my supervisors.|SWOT analysis that I performed with my team on the overall performance of the production areas gave my team many ideas to follow and use for continuous improvement activities.|I feel I am a little better at speaking in front of a group of people, more confident, still too many um’s but I am improving.|My Win Win goals were a good for the first half of the course but for many reasons, job pressures, firefighting, they did lose some focus later on.|My PPI training went well with my supervisors and they completed 5 activities each.

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