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what i enjoyed about the course = working together with people that I meet in the hallways/ in the smoko room / on the way in and out the gate and travelling together on this discovery journey of knowledge and skill finding solutions that could help me and my team in personal and professional ways|This course has helped me understand what is meant by the saying ” with every problem / issue there is an answer – BUT its how we find it / deal with it and control it IS what is important. Hence when i drew up the feed back check sheet known as Lapp 53/54, it finally gave the raw and cooked side something to work on to fix our issues with out of spec biers ticks and sausages, hence were able to sort these out by the next run – eliminating unnecessary wastage and labor and costs.|Goals accomplished = relationships with QA and raw side staff is better|= staff is regulary brought up to date with issues ongoing and closed|=teams a getting prepared daily by giving them information on whhat is in store for today and sometimes till end of the week thru tool box meetings.|= team is also asked to comply with H & S/quality / compliance on a daily basis and their involvement is always encouraged dayily

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