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i have thoroughly enjoyed the course and interractions with Paul, Mark, Greg my Mentor and the participants. The biggest challenges i encountered were comming the time to the after hours education along with the focus during the working day to work on my HPA’s. I still find it challenging to commit my time to HPA’s alone but am more educated and determined to reap the benefits of what i have learnt.||I found Paul was always able to help us find the answer to our own questions by asking us to reflect on the question/circumstances ourselves and i find myself doing this with my own staff now.. Thanks Paul.||I believe i have become a more effective communicator as a result of the course – especially now that i am more aware of what motivates my staff other than just remuneration. I also believe the team has become more cohesive and positive due to the attitude i exude and the positive “above the line” thinking and actions i conduct.|Overall the course has been super positive for me and i have appreciated the time and efforts that have been put in by all involved to make it this way.|I would hope that my Mentor/Manager has seen a distinct change in the way i operate and interact inside and out the business, especially in the use of positive language etc.

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