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BANKWEST WA LMR Will Appleford

Best thing about the course: the broad variety of people in the workshops, their varying levels of skill, knowledge and experience with issues in the workplace. These workshops really rounded the whole experience for me and it was great to hear the different viewpoints of everyone there, as it made the content that much more relevant. It was good to get the theory and then go out into the workplace, carry it out in practice and then come back and talk about it. I haven’t been on any other course that offers that balance of theory with practice and feedback.||Measureable results: 11 hours a week more spent on my HPA’s. Just knowing what my HPA’s are and how I usually spent my time were big wins and offered me a baseline from which to improve.||Goals accomplished: improved motivation of others, improved communications with others, improved personal time management, improved levels of delegation within my team.

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