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I really enjoyed the course. Much of the content was not really new, but made me think about what skills I already had developed over the years and how to enhance and develop them. || It was a bit unsettling for me as my role within the organisation changed mid course and I found this difficult to deal with at the time, therefore a lot of what I was working on changed and I had to refocus my goals. ||The workshops were easy and enjoyable, I never felt “put on the spot” if not quite prepared, as sometimes happens in this type of environment. All the other participants were willing to share their knowledge and experiences which made each workshop beneficial and I learnt a lot from them as well. ||I found the course (probably the most) helpful in my personal life. Setting and achieving goals for my personal, financial, long term benefit. As I am of an age where retirement is on the (still a bit distant) horizon, I am looking long term at what I want to achieve before I retire and where I want to be financially when I do retire. I am thinking seriously and setting goals with this in mind.|A goal that I have achieved that is working towards my future and retirement is that I have purchased an investment property. One of my future goals is to buy a caravan so I can travel around Australia. I would like to achieve this whilst I am still able to work and would like to work around the country. ||The course has also made refocus on my family relationships. I am setting goals to spend more time with my children and my elderly mother, who are all very precious to me, and to organise my time and activities to be able to help them and do more for them.

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