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BENEDICT NSW COL Kathleen de Koning

I was very sceptical about what the course would do for me from the overview seminar when they said I would look back and say this is the day when my life changed. It didn’t, but the course itself has given me so much in the way of what leadership qualities are and how they can be implemented, so, thank you. I inherited the job and wasn’t given much in the way of training, so this course has been invaluable. I have not only learnt how important goal setting (SMART goal setting!) and time management is, how valuable MY time is, but the basics of how a supervisor should be prioritising their day. Knowing that it’s OK to put aside the daily tasks, even to delegate them to someone else while focusing on training and planning for the whole team, is a good thing.|It was good finding out that some of the things I was already doing in the team was right, and now having direction and understanding on other aspects has been a great help. Making use of some of the tools from FBOL has been great, especially the Feedback logs for each team member. The skills audit and followed by the training plan has been great – having the information set out in specific sections in all of the forms has made it really easy and logical for future use. I have kept copies of the decision planner and problem solver.||I have admitted on more than one occassion that I don’t find it easy to think outside the square, so learning that change and innovation are not only encouraged, but actually mandatory for growth within a team, has been great. And learning that the team need to be involved in the decision making and brainstorming – wow!||Lars has been a great facilitator – he has made each of us feel welcome, and that our opinions count, even when we didn’t quite get it right. A compliment to him that I was able to feel that I wanted to attend each session, even when I knew that we were very busy in the office,and taking another person out for an afternoon meant the team would be under more pressure.

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