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The most enjoyable aspect of the course would have to be our group, everyone was so supportive of each other. No one judged anyone else it felt like we were all on the same level. |For me it made it easier to go every week knowing that, when I stood up the front that it was getting easier every time.|I think one big achievement was that I did/could get up to speak to the group, I was still very nervous- but as one of the examples that was used my friend was holding my hand to help me thru that, it felt really good once I had done this a few times.|I am now more aware of things that are going on around me and also that I am applying a lot of things from the course to my daily routine, working on my HPA’s, I make lists so I know what I need to do daily weekly or even monthly, I am not dropping everything every time someone walks in the door-I still help them but its more I block out a time to do so.|I have reduced the amount of interruptions in my day it may be simply things but it really has helped, a tray on my desk, or just making people aware that they need to write things down instead of interrupting every 5 minutes that my time is valuable also as is their time.|I also really enjoyed they way that Bruce presents the course it really does make you feel comfortable and involves everyone- Well done Bruce.|Goals I achieved |I have cleaned out drawers that need to be done|I have a beautiful new oven and cooktop|held meetings with the people I work with this gave me confidence in myself|spent time with my husband and my daughter which is very important|Our big win win goal is about to roll out Barcoding which will help us a lot

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