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I think the course was brilliant. I began somewhat skeptically, but soon began to appreciate the real world value of the activities. Science tends to be taught in a very factual way without much discussion and scientists tend to embrace this method of learning. In the past my attitude has always been ‘please just give me the A4 handout with the bullet points so I can go home without wasting any more time’, but the LMA course has really altered this. I have really enjoyed the discussions, mind maps, puzzles, brainstorms, group challenges and other collaborative based learning activities. I am definitely going to incorporate many such activities into my teaching from now on to encourage those who are naturally inclined towards this style of learning.|I really value the insights into my own character that I learned from the DIAS assessment, encouragement to deliberately adopt an above the line approach and reduce larger work and personal goals into manageable action steps with specific time targets. I will use all of these ideas and many of the other LMA systems and philosophies in my work and personal life from now on.

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