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The most enjoyable part of this course is to understand the true value of us to the company and where that value was well spend during our time spent in the work. It was amazing to find out I actually wasted average 2 hours each day on something trivial or none-important to my HPA’s.||The success I gained from this course was to learn how to manage my time better and this was shown through the development of my win-win goals. I can stay focused on my win-win goals with better time management skills such as in delegation and learned how to say “No” through proper planning of my daily tasks. ||My first win-win goal was completed with the measure of number of Go and No Go chart that cover the whole assembly lines, we also created better quarantine procedure to reduce the turn over time in processing warranty items and most importantly, we have now set up a regular meeting with the management so that we can be more transparent on the issues that require to address or support from all departments.

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