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**Enjoyable Aspects of the course – mostly the interaction with the course facilitator and other class mates, great discussions through out the year.||**Measureable Results – |I will reduce the papers divisions 12 months and over aged stock & obsolete stock levels from $1.33million to $0.66million so that we can reduce our interest charges & re-invest in areas of opportunity.|I will identify/create action plans, with my management team, to reduce site costs by $30000 per month so that the branch can make contribution budgets and incentives.|I will create a quarterly branch performance presentation, for April-June 14, & present to ALL staff by 31st July 14 so that all staff have a clear understanding of company results, celebrate wins and identify opportunities.|I will meet with owners/directors of the top 5 clients within each Sales Executives territory so that I can better understand their company goals/challenges and identify GAP strategies.|I will ensure I spend 80% of my time on HPA’s so that I can be a more effective manager|I will conduct a full review of our converting area and identify any cost savings or efficiency gains opportunities so that we are confident in the reportable figures.||**Other Achievements -||More effective communication with my staff, setting clear goals/vision for the branch|improvement in my own organisation skills and soft skills|Personal development of my management or development team|Project Management (Change project)

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