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The course was very enjoyable, fun, informative and in return I have found myself to me more organised and productive on and off the shop floor.||We as a group got together once a fortnight and worked well as a team. More so we also exchanged ideas outside the class room and never hesitated to assist each other when needed.|My approach towards work, my colleagues, peers and senior managers have been more of a positive attitude.|My problem solving skills have considerably improved.|I have become a much better communicator both towards my team members and the customer.|I also find myself to be more productive by prioritising my HPA’s as well as delegating work that can be completed by reliable members of my team.|This has resulted in better time management where I can focus on the bigger picture or more important issue’s which helps me think and focus above the line.||As Project Lead I have managed to reach some important goals e.g. meeting some of our time lines on delivering certain stages of the project to various parts of the business.|Initially it was a very steep uphill battle, but one of my greatest achievements was to gain the customers confidence and trust in the POU systems and processes and more so the confidence and trust and respect of my team and senior managers.

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