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I am thoroughly enjoy every aspects of the LMA High Performance Management Course, form the course contents and how it helped me to apply in the real world to enhance my position as a Lead MRB Engineer, to the friendliness of the facilitator, coaches and my participant colleagues. I particularly enjoy many class room discussions and the roll play activities and have come away with many great take away lessons and ideas form the input of the facilitator and the participant colleagues.|From the team achievement standpoint, LMA developing and mentoring modules has help myself and my team to develop a developing plan for each member of my team and hence increased their level of engagement to other organisation activities, the module on dealing with changes has help myself and my team to created a team environment where we are less resistant to change and actively push the envelope of technical issues. |From a personal achievement standpoint, the communication modules in particular has help to improve my communication skills in the area of dealing with team members by understanding their personal styles. The planning your message idea has help myself to successfully negotiated difficult conversations with a level of success. |The Goal Planning module has helped myself to successfully planed and followed through to complete many tasks at work and at home.|Overall the LMA High Performance Management course has provided the answer to my question that I have being pondering for a while ” What make a good manager and what do a good manager do ? |I am now had the knowledge, some practical experiences, the right attitude and behaviour to continue develop my team into a high performance team.

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