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the success of this coarse was that probably being one of the youngest in the company to being a T/L i thought that i could change the world in a heart beat.||this coarse tought me that no one change/re-invent the wheel over night. we as one team we all must work together and try to achive the best possible outcome together. this coarse has offered tools such as the day to day and week to week planner which i never thought about when i first became T/L, also the ability to say say no and carry out all my tasks that i had planned out for the day and not try and play catch towards the end of the day where it wasnt possible.||and the most important i feel the S.M.A.R.T aspect, that has really helped me in assessing the situation in front of me and then going through and relaying information to my upper management on what is having to be carried out.

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