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A good relationship of the guys on the course, and each of us through all interacting and taking part in discusions, learnt all form each others experiences. Michael has the right personality and attitude for taking this type of course, and I found him very supportive and helpfull. He always kept a good comminication between himself and the class.|Through me introducing the LMA principals not only in work, but my personal life also, I can see where change is necessary and change is good. Through these prinicapals, my team has developed through my leadrship, and are helping and conrtibuting to becoming a morer efficient team.|I am empowering them to achieve greater expetations, and am working with my manger on these values.|Various goals have been achieved, through reducing NCR’s at work, and introducing a more lean process. Home life not only have I gained personaly, but my family has too. The fact is I now purposely set goals to attachieve in life, using LMA as a tool.

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