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Setting Up SMART goals|Identifying HPA’s and KPI’s|Using a Diary/time management system./written goals-written goals helps to achieve the goal set as it is visual and seeing makes it easier to keep focused on achieving the goal. Written goals produce motivation.This also allows to better time manage as it can be visually monitored which finally gives better management of time and increases production.|Using a Imperative/Important list-this allows everyone on the team to know what are imperative tasks for the day and which are be important therefore all team members can work towards the achieving the target by completing the imperative list first, once the imperative is completed then move on to doing the important items and when both the list is completed then only move on to doing other items.|I have been able to better manage my personal and professional life. I can spend more time with my family as a result of good time utilisation and delegation at work which enables me to finish my work on time.|I have become been able to accomplish a better relationship with my team members and co-workers through improved communication.

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