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The most enjoyable aspect for me was meeting some really nice people and listening to and discussing the different management styles that each had. Sharing these styles is a great way to learn new management systems.|Measurable results for me is to have the crew have more input into the way that the business is run and the way we do our day to day tasks. It make the team members feel like that they are not just here to get the job done but are all an important part of the whole process and it give them some ownership of the business and I have noticed that they don’t question the decisions made as much and are happy just to get on with the job but are willing to give feedback if they feel it is needed. I feel this is a result of my change in attitude that has flowed down to them.|The achievements that I feel has changed my management style is the habit of setting HPAs which has also helped me in my time management, which has been a problem in the past for me.|I am now in the habit of setting focus goals as a regular part of daily routine and this helps a great deal in achieving more each day.

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