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This course has provided a great refresher into goal setting and breaking down larger goals into more manageable and timely steps. I for one often loose track of goals, or keep modifying or changing goals too many times, instead I shoudl be breaking them down and realising completion of tasks along the way.|Without a doubt the largest learning i will take away from this course is my development towards managing people, especially managing upwards. I feel this course has helped me tailor my communication techniques to allow me to be more secific in the way i deal with different people from different levels. I believe it is in the way my communication style has flexed which has allowed me to realise several business acheivements this year come forth, some of which have been integral to shaping the way Boral concrete and Qcrete have come together.|The most enjoyable aspect of the course for me was the interaction with the people; facilitator, coach, and other participants, we all came into this with very open minds and with the same goal – to better ourselves, and we all had fun while doing it.

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