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I found areas of the course to be somewhat problematic due to my role not actually having any “direct” supervisory functions. However, I originally looked upon this as a constraint and an excuse to dismiss certain areas. As the course progressed, that barrier broke down quite quickly. I must say that looking back upon the whole course, I have gained enormous increases in confidence in regards to my professional dealings, be it with staff, or customers.||There are general day to day skills such as “to do” lists that are now a basic part of my day to day planning that ensure that I have a greater level of control over my time and work.||My win win goals I would consider as being of value, but from here I can really only look upon them as stepping stones to getting to where I am today. Being more goal focussed has struck home and I focus on longer term tasks with action steps to keep things rolling. Even completing the last few modules of the LMA course work.||I am very appreciative of being able to take part and complete the course. I feel that I am taking away skills that are going to really assist my career and along the way add high value to my employer.

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