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Meg made the course and ( classroom ) a fun and enjoyable place to be while also giving every participant an opportunity to develop and blossom into proffesional sales people. The opportunity to be open and contribute at every stage was very helpful in developing techniques and learning from each others experiences was priceless.|Biggest moment for myself was right at the start when i learnt that a goal can be set for day to day task’s not just for budget, goals and action steps can be set to achieve my ultimate goal, the development of a USP is a lesson that has been very beneficial and something that i will continue to develop and improve through the duration of my working day’s. Finally the concept of above the line thinking is a concept that i have and will continue to grasp and develop in both my proffesional and personal life.|Goals I have achieved are reaching a specific % of my budget and maintaining it, then resetting that goal to achieve my full budget and achieving that which was indeed a landmark moment, another was setting a target figure for cold calling and conversion of that specific task, this goal has helped me to achieve my budget goal as well.

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